Add a rug: You can add warmth to your room with a nice fluffy rug. It also helps to create separation between the living room and dining room.

Lights: The more lights, the better. Try some string lights around your windows or over your bed for a dreamy feel.

Blankets and other warm accessories: Try a plaid blanket draped over the couch for some instant coziness! While candles are not allowed to be burned at AXIS 360, they can still give you that homey feeling unlit. You can also plug in a scented nightlight.

Surround yourself with things you love: Create a book nook filled with all of your favorite books, or create your own mini movie theater. If games are more your thing, designate a place to store your Scrabble or deck of cards.

Warm tones: Fall is the perfect time to branch out with your color palette. Try out orange and red hues. A neutral that goes well with bold autumn colors is a nice cream color.

Surround yourself with nature: A pumpkin or a gourd on the table goes a long way. Bonus points if you carve the pumpkin first!

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