With the start of the new school year at the University at Buffalo, everything can get a bit hectic. From finding the correct classroom to gathering all of your syllabi, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Before the work starts to pile up, it’s a good idea to get yourself organized for the semester. This will save you time and confusion in the long run.

Color Code Your Classes

This is a simple way to organize your classes that can be very helpful. Get different colored folders to hold documents for each class. Or, if you’re a minimalist, get a single accordion folder to keep everything in one place and add colored tabs.

Read Your Syllabi

Once you’ve organized your classes, be sure to actually read your syllabi to plan ahead for the semester. This is crucial to know what books you need, contact information, and important due dates.

Put Together a Semester Calendar

Investing in a planner or a wall calendar will save you from headaches down the road if you’re trying to find which syllabus has the date you need. This will help you organize your time, and it will be a constant reminder. If you’re tech savvy, Google Calendar is a great (and free) tool to use for keeping track of important due dates.

These are just some tips to help you stay organized. While they may not work for everyone, it’s definitely a good idea to take some time and plan out your semester. Take a day to sit down and find out what works for you!

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