There’s nothing worse than starting the day off in layers of warm, winter clothes and having to shed them throughout the day to stand the afternoon weather. Winter to spring transitions are difficult on you, your health, and even your car! Here’s a few tips from our on-site team for how to survive the overlap between winter and spring.


It’s a great time to invest in a multi-use jacket. Find one with a removal layer inside, to help make the move between cold and warm weather. Rainboots are also an essential in the change from snow to rainy springs. Keeping a scarf on you at all times is an easy way to ensure you’ll be warm, without lugging around a huge jacket. The end of the winter season means big sales on cold weather clothing, so stock up now!


Having weathered the winter roads, most cars have a buildup of salt. Don’t risk permanent damage to your car by getting a deep cleaning done to remove the buildup. You’ll be glad you did when the summer months come! It’s also a good idea to keep an extra coat or blanket in your car for those unexpected weather changes.


The transitional time between seasons is notorious for causing sickness and allergy problems. Know what allergens are in season, what will be stirred up with rain, and what medicine will keep you strong. You don’t want to miss school for something easily prevented.

Do you have any more hacks for surviving the transition between winter and spring? Let us know!


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